Broken clouds and rain

dusk. Later came cool breeze and sleeve, a single step Liu Tang, flute sound, a song „Ruyi jade song“ winding away with the wind. The tired bird returns to the forest, singing and weaving, I wander from the world, waiting only for the moonlight, looking up at the stars flowing through the ages, and recalling the unfinished dream of the world.

Every scene, every scene, has a mood. Every old site has a past. You and I, too, have stopped somewhere before the scenery, and suddenly, in the crowd that rubs shoulder to shoulder, have forgotten ourselves completely, and have condensed all the thoughts into that deep look, which for a few seconds seems to have been a long time for you and me, thinking about many things of the past, or a short time for us to return. Recalling his life, suddenly awaken himself, but quietly turn around, quietly bury the sea. perhaps you once scratched a rough heavy brass ring on the fingertips of an old city wall somewhere, and were not good at climbing up to the nostalgia. All the feelings in your heart were in that turn and sigh gently.

Remember Gu Cheng’s Lane? The Lane / It’s long and curved / No door / No window / You take an old key / You knock on a thick wall. Touched by the touch of the soul, between words, gives people different warmth. I hope you, who are reading this article, will one day find the key in your heart, knock on the thick wall and walk through the lane of memories.

Tea has a hundred flavor, wine rhyme thousand back. If it were not for the fetters of the world, I would prefer tea to tea. I remember drinking tea when I was a child, and drinking it with my parents holding large enamel bowls, I was afraid of suffering and drank it quickly. Now, when it comes to the year of the crown, it is used to the slow and clear product. Often a good night writing, accompanied by a clear tea, flying Xuan dyed ink, until an article is finished, the cup is still warm. I am a tea lover but I am not very particular about it. There are thousands of famous teas and cups in the world. When you and I finish tasting them one by one, do you know what time it is?