About hotel work experience

XX December, I came to work in the XX hotel, after intensive training, I became a Western restaurant staff,

began the warm home, my new life began.

Because I am a new employee, the manager, the supervisor and some colleagues in the western restaurant are

strict with me and care about me very much. The colleagues in the bar and the kitchen all like me very much. We

have a very happy time together. I learned a lot with them, especially the knowledge of the western kitchen is very

happy. Because my dad was a little famous cook when he was young, I can show my hand to him later, haha.

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I love and cherish my work very much, and I do everything carefully every day. At the end of my hotel

internship, the topic of my graduation thesis on hotel tourism management was „On Customer First“. I also

integrated the concept of „Customer First“ into my work and life, and every day in this big family, I am always

there. Have a great time, just like a happy little angel, sharing your happiness with your friends everyday. Lida

Ren Hotel has breakfast in the Western Restaurant every day. Since the hotel has just opened, buffet is not set up

every day according to business conditions. In many cases, breakfast is at zero. In my hospitality thinking, I

think breakfast is free,Check out our premium .Hong Kong offers top-class accomodation in Kowloon with easy access to MTR station. Offers various quality rooms at special rates. Make your reservation now! but the feeling of breakfast buffet and zero breakfast guests is not the same, buffet

breakfast guests have many choices, taste is not suitable to choose other foods, can be well matched according to

their own preferences, easier to achieve satisfaction, but after zero breakfast good For example, food tastes and

their own eating habits are deviated, often not too many choices, a lot of good quality guests even if not appetite

will silently finish the food. Therefore, when serving breakfast at a Western restaurant, I tend to pay more

attention to the guests, and share my smile and happiness with them

It has been more than two months since the Lida people began to work. Happy and happy life and work always

make time pass quickly. In these two months, I feel that I have never had a happy job before. It makes me feel as

full and happy as home.

Home is a warm harbor, home can give people a happy, comfortable feeling, let people think of it when tired

or happy. Not only did I have a small family that gave birth to me, but I also had a group of people who were

united and enterprising – our Lida Hotel. We are all from all corners of the country, and I believe you have all

heard of „fate.“